About the Festival

The Lyngblomsten Mid-Summer Festival is a day to celebrate the variety of life-enriching experiences that promote artistic exploration and lifelong learning for all ages.  The day also provides a unique opportunity for older adults to showcase—through various art forms—their continuing capacity to be purposeful and engaged, and for the community to participate in learning about, supporting, and celebrating the contributions of older adults.

About Lyngblomsten

Lyngblomsten is a Christian nonprofit organization serving older adults and their families through healthcare, housing, and community-based services.  Partnered in ministry with more than two dozen Christian congregations across the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota, a continuum of care meets the needs of adults as they travel the later years of their life’s journey.  Our services nurture the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. 

For 110 years, Lyngblomsten has been caring for older adults and providing support for their loved ones while engaging the hearts of generous volunteers and donors who help carry out our mission:

Influenced by Christ, Lyngblomsten provides a ministry of compassionate care and innovative services to older adults in order to preserve and enhance their quality of life.

 Learn more about our services at www.lyngblomsten.org.

Photography:  Lyngblomsten representatives will be taking photos throughout the festival day.  These photos may be used by Lyngblomsten for publicity or general information purposes.  This statement serves as notification of photography, and your attendance at the festival provides implied consent for use.